Internet installation and Maintenance

internetWe can troubleshoot your existing dial-up or broadband internet connection and/or help you configure a new one. Also we can help share the connection with multiple computers and/or devices using a router. Sometimes the problem just lies with one device like a desktop, laptop, or gaming console; we can isolate the issue and get you back on the internet.

Our internet configuration services include: Home Internet Setup, Office Internet Configuration, Local Internet Install, Onsite Internet Troubleshooting, Mobile Internet Configuration, Internet Router Setup, Internet Network Troubleshooting, Dial-up Internet Settings, Troubleshooting AOL, Troubleshooting BT Internet, Troubleshooting Cable and Wireless Internet, Troubleshooting Sky Broadband

Internet installation service includes:

  • Broadband installtion

  • BT Internet installation

  • AOL Broadband installation

  • Virgin Broadband installtion

  • Dialup Internet setup

  • Home Internet Setup

  • Office Internet configuration

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